Nothing To Do With Real Estate: Part One

Hi everyone!

It’s Dave.

I hope that everyone reading this is feeling healthy and safe, making the best of the situation we’ve found ourselves in. We are all struggling to maintain perspective in these unprecedented times. I know for me, some days are a breeze and others I wake up in a “mentality rut”. It can take me the majority of the day to regain control of the wheel and by then I’m so tired from grappling with my own thoughts that I’m pretty useless to the world.

Instead of contributing to the noise, I feel compelled to sound off in an attempt to offer some reassurance, some comfort, or perhaps a spark of optimism to help you if you happen to be in one of those mentality ruts today.

There’s no getting around the fact that we’re in uncharted territory right now. The way I see it, the only surefire way to stay strong is to support each other. Communicate with everyone we care about, be considerate of those we don’t know, and be here for one another.

I’ve been mostly able to steer my “mental ship” toward calm waters despite the storm going on around me, and I hope that my own crazy ideas will provide you with even a small lift if you’ve been needing one. Here are some of my thoughts for whatever they may be worth, I hope you enjoy the read.

Our thoughts are powerful, we CAN make things better

How many times in your life have you thought about someone you’ve been meaning to call or text, and then suddenly a message or a call from them shows up? How do you explain that in a rational way? Could it be mathematical? Is there a scientific algorithm to friendships? Maybe it’s just pure coincidence. Whatever the case, it’s undeniably weird when it happens.

So what if thinking of a positive outcome to all of this has the same inexplicable result?

You think of positive things, and suddenly positive things show up.

It’s important to remember that you are an influencer in the world around you. Whether you are a positive or negative influence is up to you, and it’s a responsibility we don’t always take seriously. It can be as simple as checking in with someone you love and making them laugh, simply asking how they’re doing, or waving to a neighbour. It might sound lame, but I’m telling you from years of experience in helping others go after their goals, that our actions DO create a ripple effect that is beyond our own understanding.

As scary thoughts creep in and hope flickers, ground yourself by remembering that you are innately good, and you are more powerful than you understand. Let the negative thoughts pass through like a long freight train. Don’t jump on for the ride, simply observe, wait for them to pass, and proceed with your day when the crossing gate comes up.

In order to prevent myself from writing a novel that will take forever to read, I’ve gone ahead and broken this blog into 3 parts. Please continue to take a few minutes to read through as they come, especially if you’ve been feeling depressed/stressed/or anxious. My hope is that I can help us elevate ourselves so that we can elevate others.

If a virus can spread across the world, so can our encouragement for one another. Positive energy, positive results. Good news is inevitably on its way, we’ll get through this.

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