Taking you from just budgeting, to just browsing, to just bought.

If only we could go back in time and tell our first-time-buying-selves what we know now…Instead, we’ll do the next best thing and take everything we’ve learned from our time spent on both sides of the transaction and use it all to give you the Conte Best experience!

"They took the time to listen to our needs and found places that fit both our requests and our budget."

Thom & Sandy


What should I do first?

Finding a home that suits you to a T is impossible if we don’t get to know you, so that’s where we’ll start. We can get together for coffee or have a call to talk about what makes you, you, and what kind of home and neighbourhood lines up with that. We’ll also send you our quick and easy buyer questionnaire to get a head start.

What’s all this about getting pre-approved?

Mortgage pre-approval is key to establishing a realistic budget and mortgage option that doesn’t leave you housebroke. Our not-so-secret weapon here is Ryan, a tried-and-true Mortgage Broker that we’ve worked with since day one. If you’re not already pre-approved, we’ll connect you with him and he’ll get you in the ideal financial position to buy a home.

What if I need the help of another professional or service?

We’ve got it covered! Whether it’s a lawyer, home inspector, photographer, floor plan company, contractor…you need it, we have a vetted professional there for you. We work with the same trusted people time and time again because we know they do quality work for great prices – and also because we can’t rest unless we’re positive that everything will go smoothly.

Fun Fact:

We’ve never been dumped by a buyer! We’ve been in the business for a while now, so we’ve got a pretty good streak going.

Get Started

Can we start seeing homes yet?

Yes! Pictures and real life don’t always match up, so we’ll get out there and help you try on a few homes to avoid being catfished. We say this all the time, but buying a home is a lot like shopping for a dress; it might look great on display – or it might look awful – but you’ll never really know if it’s the right fit until you try it on!

This is a big investment – how do I get the best price?

As tailored as our approach is, we always do two things to ensure our buyers get the best price possible for their home: we research hard and negotiate harder. We take a deep dive into what’s on the market, what’s sold, and what hasn’t to make sure you’re getting the best value possible in the current market.

We Want You To Know

It’s all about feel, forever. We want your entire experience with us to feel good, and right, and more enjoyable than you ever imagined.

And when it's time to present an offer?

We’ll take that pricing insight, marry it with our on-the-ground experience, and present a competitive offer. A lot of the time, we already have a solid working relationship with the seller’s agent. We try to build a good rapport with not only our clients, but our peers, too, which leaves more room for constructive conversations at the negotiation table, and a higher chance of you getting your dream home!

So then it’s buy...bye?

Not quite! Whether you want to meet for dinner to catch up or prefer to check-in every so often for a market update, we’ll always be just a call or text away to chat about everything inside and outside of real estate.

This isn't the end!

If you have questions about buying, we’re listening. Or at least, we’re watching our inbox and will answer your message right away.

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It All Starts Here

Whether buying a home is in your plans for next week, next year, or still feels like a far-off dream, we’d love to meet up and talk about your options.

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