When it comes to selling a home, the rules of the game are always the same – we just play the game a bit differently.

We’ve thrown out the standard cookie-cutter selling process and crafted an experience that really lets us get to know each other and accomplish something great together.

"...Every time we got together they were armed with new potential places to look at, they asked all kinds of questions to make sure they understood my needs, and are so incredibly personable. If you are looking for two individuals who get the job done, and who care, you will not go wrong going with Conte West!!!"

Tiana R.


How do I know if we should work together?

This parts actually pretty simple: we just have to connect, and we’ll either click or we won’t! If we’re all on the same page, we’ll jump right into the process. If not, that’s alright – what matters most is that you find a team you vibe with, and as much as we want that team to be us, you’ll find the most success when you work with a team that fits the bill.

So, is it just you two on the team?

Nope! We have an entire network of vetted professionals that we work with time and time again because we know they’ll do great work for our sellers. From a lawyer to a home inspector to a financial advisor (and more), you won’t have to worry about finding anyone yourself.

What’s the plan?

Once we get to know each other as actual people, we’ll get to know you as a seller. Every seller has a unique style depending on their goals; some only want high-level information, some want play-by-play updates. Some are okay with taking more time, others need to sell ASAP. By combining our experience with your needs, we’ll create a plan of action that’s tailored to you and you alone.

Fun Fact:

At the end of this process, the only kind of surprises you’ll get are good ones.

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Okay, but how will you really know what my home is worth?

We don’t mean to brag–okay, maybe just a little–but Luciana’s Comparative Market Analyses (CMAs) are second to none. She doesn’t just skim the top of the latest data and sales statistics; she dives deep to provide you with an extensively strategic look at what you could sell your home for while taking different scenarios and outcomes into account.

I want my home to stand out on the market – but how?

Leave that to us. We take the basics of marketing and make them not-so-basic with memorable signs, floor plans, listing copy, and ads that are kicked up a notch. We never settle for anything less than high-quality photography and videos, and work our network of past buyers and peers to make sure anyone and everyone knows about your listing.

We Want You To Know

Don’t get us wrong–we aren’t ones to roll over and accept a bad deal. If our teeth ever come out, it will be while we’re fighting to get you the outcome you deserve.

What about at the negotiation table?

We know negotiations can seem intimidating, but we’ve been winning deals for our clients for years and know this terrain well. A big part of our negotiating success is our genuinely great relationships with other Toronto real estate agents; we take a collaborative approach with them, too, and have developed a good rapport with a lot of our peers, which allows us to work together, make things go smoothly, and get you top dollar.

And then it’s won and done?

Only if you want it to be! We’ve made a lot of friends through this process, but even if you want to keep it strictly business, know that we’re always just a call, text, or email away to provide recommendations, shell out advice, or catch up.

Your Selling Q’s, A’d.

We’ve covered the basics here, but we’d love to answer any other selling questions you have! Shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you right away.

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