Nothing To Do With Real Estate: Part Two

Happy Thursday friends,

I can’t tell you how grateful we are for all of the messages and the positive feedback we’ve received since posting part one of this blog.  You are all amazing. Thank you for reading it and sharing with your friends and family.

As promised, I hope to continue to create and perpetuate the good vibes with part two, so here it is!

Take control of your own narrative

This one is huge for me. You are going to read articles and watch various reports that are going to strike fear in your heart. Conspiracy theories and the panicked reactions of others will inevitably make you question your own thoughts on all of this. It can make you lose your grip on what matters, and nothing positive will come of that.

We need to take control of our own idea of what is happening here. If history teaches us anything, it’s that we’ve always persevered through difficult times. Times throughout history that were much more difficult than these. The world is not ending, and that is what I choose to believe. I don’t watch the news and I try my best to avoid being influenced by the multitude of misinformation being posted across social media.

Our actions will follow our beliefs

Doing my best to control my own narrative is crucial because my actions will follow my beliefs. The best analogy that comes to mind is one from driving school: do you remember being taught that if your car begins to skid, or you lose control on ice, that your hands will steer the wheel toward where you’re looking? This is no different. We need to keep our “eyes on the prize” and focus on the vision of a positive resolution.

I’m not suggesting you live in a fantasy world, but neither you, me, or anyone knows when this will all be over. You can really choose to believe whatever you want, so why not choose to believe in good? If you keep in mind that your beliefs will dictate your actions, it changes how you filter your thoughts. Your actions and your decisions will affect those around you.

Continue to be a leader, and be that positive influencer whenever possible. Remain strong in your conviction that we will be OK. If you continue to do your best to elevate the people around you, you will find yourself surrounded by strong people that are ready and able to return the favour when you have your down days. I know I am, and I owe many of you for that.

Just as social distancing is a mathematical approach being implemented as a way to “flatten the curve”, to be that source of inspiration for your loved ones carries the same potential ripple effect.

Sit In Silence

A few weeks ago, one of my closest friends sent me a link to a video posted on an Instagram account called @ancientsoulcollective. The video (link here) is by a guy named Mikki Willis. According to his IMDb profile,  he’s a director and creator of “socially conscious media”. He’s the founder of the “Elevate Film Festival”. I didn’t know who he was prior to watching the video, and it took me a minute or two to really get on board with what he was talking about, but I’m glad I did. During the 24 minute video he speaks to the importance of perspective. One of his speaking points in particular, one I took to heart the most, was his recommendation to “sit in silence”.

One example he used was the flight of a flock of birds. He references their ability to “turn on a dime without any audio or visual cues”. As is the same for a school of fish. His belief is that this is because they are “tuned in” to some sort of metaphysical “frequency”. The idea he’s proposing is that we’re all capable of tuning into some metaphysical frequency, but that since we’ve clouded our minds by overexposing ourselves to the digital world, we have trouble doing so. There is a lot of “noise” in our minds, especially right now.

Start Small

We’re all inundated with social media posts, news reports, article after article updating us all on this crisis. The effect it has on our mental state can’t be ignored. If you feel like you don’t know what to believe, or you’re feeling fearful, it’s probably just because you’ve been overexposed to the opinions of others and you’ve lost touch with the connection to your true self.

If you’re able to get even 10 minutes per day to sit in complete silence; no phone, no music, no TV, no distraction, you may be surprised at how quickly you’ll become more secure in your own being, and more confident that your positive beliefs will come to life.

That’s not to say that anxiety isn’t going to creep in, or that your mind won’t race around and jump to conclusions that make you feel worse in the short term, but if you remain determined to sit in silence and focus on the sound of your breathing, I can say from experience that it can be incredibly empowering. It can and will result in immeasurable positive benefits to your mindset.

Thank you for continuing to read, and please share the message with your friends and family. Share the message with anyone and everyone you feel might need some positivity in their day.

Fear is natural, it helps to keep us alive, but fear without a constructive counterpart is merely destructive. You can make a difference in the lives of your loved ones by listening to how they feel, helping them maintain or consider a positive perspective, and becoming the constructive counterpart to their fear. Don’t discount the exponential effect you can have on the world around you.